Monday, March 4, 2013

Pictures of the mod

We converted our closet space into a chilling/study den!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

*Communication Agreements for the Transition Mod*

1) Take responsibility for your feelings.
2) Use 'I' statements and refrain from blaiming.
3) Communicate directly with the person you have an issue with, or find someone to mediate.
           -Arianna             - Sunday meetings are good place to air any concerns or problems
4) Do not speak critically about others unless you are willing to say it to them and it is constructive.
5) Be mindful of how you say things via tone and body language; avoid passive aggression.
6) Ask permission to facilitate a serious discussion, as people may not be emotionally prepared to engage.
7) Practice active listening; wait until speaker is finished speaking to talk. Ask for a restatement if topic is unclear.
8) Provide continual feedback and be positive!
9) Don't let resentment build up.
10) Respect and validate other's feelings; if you disagree with an opinion, acknowledge it first and then state your opinion. Don't interrupt.
11) Directly address your point.
12) Be willing and open to communicate with other mod members... this is an open space! :)